Tuesday, 21 May 2013


A couple of months ago I had the privilege to help out for a cabaret to launch a web series, from a local Vancouver group, called The True Heroines.
It was held at the quaint Rio Theatre and guests were treated to a live cabaret followed by watching the show on the big screen. 

The story is about women (focusing on three) that were created by "The Corporation" to have super human abilities that have since escaped their clutches and are trying to live normal lives as 1950s housewives without getting caught and subsequently destroyed. Did I mention that before they were housewives they were cabaret dancers? Yup.  
You can watch full episodes here.

I along with my friend Sarah (of Burberry Cosmetics) turned the cast and the show goers into proper 1950s screen sirens. Red lips, false eyelashes, and cat eyes everywhere!

Aaand because I'm clumsy I spilled some red wine on my dress but naturally I came prepared and did an impromptu outfit change. Thank heavens for Clinique brush cleaner! 
Insider tip: It is a godsend for getting ANY stains out of clothing in a pinch but is still gentle on the fabric. It has taken out many a foundation or lipstick smear!

Outfit 1
Dress: Used House of Vintage, Vancouver
Crinoline: Magpie Vintage, Portland
Belt: Thrifted
Feather Headband: Craigslist, Vancouver

Photos: Jessie Robertson Photography (as marked)

Outfit 2
Dress: The Vintage Studio (Etsy)
Hat: Dragonfly Gallery, Ladner
Glasses: Clearly Contacts (Derek Cardigan)