Monday, 8 April 2013

Seattle Trip!

Since I first heard about Palmer and Whirfs Antique Expo in Portland I decided that I had to try my hardest to be at every single one. It's a feat but I was willing to do my best. I went in October for my birthday (on my own) and aside from the flu that I managed to contract the moment I set foot on Oregon soil, I had a wonderful time! More on that story later.

I wanted to go to the March expo with Zoe but unfortunately her schedule couldn't match up to stay for all the days we would've wanted to. We considered a stay-cation but we thought a real (albeit short) trip was in order. So a jaunt to Seattle was what we did!
I went to Seattle with my folks just a month prior and I had an already compiled list of Yelp suggested vintage stores so we were set to go! Although when we got there, we came across a Seattle Antique Store map so we followed that too! 
Ladies on a vintage mission they should have called us! 

Our first day was half spent browsing the Public Market and it's surroundings. We went to Piroshky Piroshky for lunch and sat by the water. It was beautiful but windy! Then up to Captiol Hill where I introduced Zoe to Red Light Vintage (not to be confused with the one in Portland - apparently owned by different people) and a few other neat shops. We ate dinner at The Pink Door and watched live jazz music (other nights of the week they also have trapeze artists or cabaret and burlesque) followed by a trip back to Capitol Hill for dancing.

TL: A cool rotary phone with the dial on the bottom! TR: An interesting bench installation attached to the side of a building for a light rest. BL: Modeling a very Mad Men Trudy-esque hat. BR: Taking a selfie in our hotel room.

L: A pretty 1940s outfit at Antiques at Pike Place. C: Zoe wearing her first vintage find/purchase from the Seattle Antiques MarketR: A vintage inspired dress in the store window of a wedding store.
My first purchase on the trip from Red Light Vintage (Capitol Hill)!

On our second day we went along the University District where we ate the most amazing food at Thai Tom and got seriously entertained by how fast their chef makes food! What an experience! Honestly, if you find yourself in Seattle, you must go there. I dream about those noodles! We also found the other Red Light Vintage location and Lucky Vintage where we picked up a few more pretties. We then walked around Fremont and took some delicious pies with us to eat on the ride home. The last leg of our trip (literally down to the wire) was spent hilariously hunting down bags of spicy cheetos and vanilla coke since we don't have either in Canada! Hahaha!

TR: Dainty heels that look like dance shoes from Aprie and bow earrings from Forever21 TR, BL & BR: Pretty 60s luggage piece with an even prettier pattern on the inside from the Fremont Vintage Mall

My I-can't-figure-out-which-side-is-the-front dress from Red Light Vintage (University District).

Beautiful 1940s crepe dress (with sequined bows!) from Lucky Vintage.

A vintage style romper from ROSS.

Though we didn't get to go to the expo (we'll be going to the one in July), it was definitely a nice mini vacation for us and one that we will be repeating in June with the addition of two more of our girlfriends! I can't wait!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mad Men Season 6 premiere!

I can't contain how excited I am to watch Mad Men tonight!!
I will be reserving a portion of my evening re-watching the last episode of season 5 as a refresher. Last week I didn't do that for Game of Thrones and I had no clue what was happening!
This season of Mad Men takes place in the late 1960s so we'll be seeing highly teased and tousled hair a la Brigitte Bargot, A-line dresses in bright colours with geometric/psychedelic prints, and our divine Joan moving past her Marilyn Monroe inspiration and onto Elizabeth Taylor territory.
And the makeup (oh the makeup!) will see a huge turn! We say goodbye to the lady-like look with a red lip and onto heavy winged liner, false lashes, and mod glam! It's all about the eyes in the 60s baby!

                  (Photos from here)

For a fashion recap/analysis of Season 5 (and all the other seasons, for that matter) visit Tom & Lorenzo's Mad Style! They've got great insight and reasoning for every outfit on the show! Not only that, but you will truly appreciate the brilliance of Janie Bryant's costuming vision.

From the looks of the season 6 cast photos we have much to look forward to this season! 

 (Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC)